Several iconic brands will disappear 2012… including Steelcase

Posted on February 2, 2012


Several iconic brands will dissapear in 2012 according to Corebrand.

CoreBrand, a brand strategy and communications firm, and creator of the Corporate Branding Index, released at the beginning of January its 2012 brand valuation and management predictions. Corebrand states on their website “Our quantifiable valuation process, which encompasses 20 years of data within our Corporate Branding Index®, finds that the corporate brand accounts for between 5% to 7% of market capitalization and can identify and predict changing company and market conditions,” commented James Gregory, Chief Executive Officer at CoreBrand. “With this proprietary data in hand, CoreBrand can provide an objective measure and add a science to the art of creative brand building and its impact on individual companies, industry sectors and the overall economy. In 2012, we expect the brand valuation process to continue to gain rapid acceptance and for our Corporate Branding Index® to become the standard valuation tool.”


Among several of the brands they say will disappear in 2012 are Sears, Kodak and Saab.  With Steelcase, Corebrand claims that their research shows they are not investing correctly and will no longer contribute to their company’s corporate equity.  Unlike Sears, Kodak and Saab, Steelcase are still expanding on their market share and are still the largest furniture manufacturer in the world, selling more furniture globally than any of their competitors.


Time will tell if Corebrands data and scientific approach to understanding Brand actually works… although, I only found out about them through a furniture publication who referenced them in an article about Steelcase’s centenary.

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